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    Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome Marla Cilley "Sink Reflections"
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February 15, 2008



Ahhh... the thrill of finding the tub faucet on sale! All do it yourselfers know that a good sale always produces the next project. The only thing better is when a really cool tool is on sale and then you get to conjure up the next project to justify buying the tool! Love you!

Cindy Lee

First off, thanks so much for your comforting comments on my blog and I'm so sorry for your losses! I'm so incredibly proud of your accomplishment with the bathroom sink so I need you and Casey to come to Nebraska to help me "fix" stuff (mostly Casey, since you bragged on her so eloquently) and you HAVE to come along for the entertainment, just hearing your stories would keep me in a good mood as we "fix up" this little "fixer upper" that I swore I would never buy but that's a whole nother story! Again, HUGE Congrats on your sink accomplishment I would still be throwing all the *@##%#$* - that was french for "stuff" - across the room and probably crying because I'm so inadequate in the "fixin'" department - oh well, any plans for a visit to rural Nebraska any time soon? WITH Casey, even though I'm very proud of you, back-up is nice, dontcha think? I have a kitchen counter and sinks that need replacing, a bathroom that needs painting, a fence to put up, porch and trim that needs painting, etc., etc., etc....oh well, it'll all get done eventually, lol! thanks for the chuckle at your escapades - love and big hugs, Cindy Lee

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